AR activates your network

Our patent pending AR engagement platform gives brands the ability to host multiple AR experiences in a single platform (even with a geolocation single trigger). Frequency and Versebooks are partnering to develop an AR NFT marketplace within the platform (release 2022).

AR increases your revenue

With our AR engagement platform, a user provides hub owners valuable insight in real time about their experience.

Hub owners like brands and influencers utilize Frequency's AR features to learn about their communities, then leverage our back-end analytics reporting to authentically form relationships with these consumers.

B2B and Users

Frequency partners with small to large businesses wanting to expand their community to leverage their corporate reach and resources (sports, arts, music, podcasts, restaurants, live events, smart cities, and more).

Enter the AR market to engage your audience

Businesses like restaurants and food trucks use AR to attract customers through promotions on-the-go or while people wait in line.

Frequency is always LIVE